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~About Me Section~


Open-minded, love talking 'n laughing, sometimes blunt & honest to a fault, in between intro-extrovert, down-to-earth, etc. I'm a very friendly - unless you decide to rub me the wrong way purposefully, THEN you'll get it! Lol XD I'm one of those people who has a few good close friends and not afraid to be that person who stands out in a crowd for being myself. I really enjoy reading when I can, random-walks/exercising, and if I have the time watching some favorite anime.^^ These are just an idea - I like to do all sorts of things!!! Am also a Japanophile (NOT IN THE CREEPY SENSE!! And yes, it's a real word, look it up! XD). All countries' are unique to me though! :D

:iconla-plz: give meh :iconcookie-plz: NOW! or else! :iconohgodlaplz:

I have my bachelor's degree (woot!), and have a 120 hour TEFL certification to teach English abroad. Currently: (1) Working full-time, (2) have returned to the USA on a 2 year break (pay on student loans) before applying to teach in Japan, & (3) studying the Japanese language. I want to become nearly fluent if not completely fluent in the Japanese language someday. My ultimate lifetime goal is to be in Japan, and somewhere along the way or there: meet the man of my dreams.
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:bulletgreen:Personal Quotes: (1) "For every positive there is a negative!" (2) "When in doubt, drink tea as the British do!!! :D" (this one's by me lol)

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Probably wondering where I've been?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 10:33 AM

Don't let them see you're afraid

Busy, stressed (but not as extensive as it could be), and trying to get myself to keep a cool head regarding attaining certain nearby goals. I know if I just can attain this one month, or two, mark from here...that I shall come out victorious on this private matter! :icondeterminedplz:  LOL Ah, I'm probably making it much more dramatic than it might actually be...but then again, what matter dealing with finances is ever something to take lightly? :iconlsmileplz:

LOL And yes, I've FINALLY started watching the highly supported and epic anime: Death Note!!! And do I like it? *points to the last icon I just used, and the journal skin currently being typed/read on* :iconlightsmirkplz: (OH, p.s. I HATE HATE HATEHATEHATEHATE Light! XD Lol I'm sure you all can guess why...but I won't reveal any spoilers in case anyone reading this hasn't seen it yet.) Oh, yes, if you haven't seen it yet? YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON ONE OF THE BEST ANIME YOU WILL EVER WATCH!!!!!~!!!  (I'm an "L Supporter", yes...though I can clearly see why Light thinks the way he does. But because I can empathize and understand Light's perspective, doesn't mean I agree with that character's thoughts.) The creator of that show sure as h*ll knew what he was doing when he made it the way he has. Though I have a nasty, bad feeling about what's going to happen.... But just my own thoughts^^;

I've gotta hope I can get a hold of a FANTASTIC summer job. (Work full time still, don't worry XD) I got a lot of things to save up for. *le sigh* What a pain. And I realized something...getting to Japan will be a lot harder than originally I thought. All these student loans... I'm just going to have to pray that things pan out the way they're supposed to, and that I can manage until a predetermined set time I should be able to pay them all off. Nerve racking, yes, but I may have to go ahead and head to Japan before that "time" too. Especially when my roommate eventually moves out in a year'ish, or two, if I'm lucky. :icongyaaplz: Sorry folks, I suppose discussing my concerns out loud on here isn't helping anyone, let alone myself. I suppose keeping a level head is the best I can do right now, pray, and work my hardest as always! :iconamericafuckyeahplz:

*Ahem* Now as I'm sure you are all thinking about: when WILL I be able to release my 5th chapter of the highly anticipated Dark-Loving/Vampire!Japan*Reader: Prisoner? Well, I have EVERYTHING figured out already, but I just need the time to put the rest of it down on paper. Please try to be patient a bit longer! I'm only sorry if some of you give up and leave before seeing how it ends, but there's nothing I can do about that. *deep bow* As always, thank you all so much for your kind and supportive words! I truly do love to write, and to know that there are others out there that can find a level of entertainment out of my ideas...makes me honestly, truly, very happy.^_^

Keep your chins up everyone! I sincerely hope you're all doing well, too! May we get through this cruel yet beautiful world together!!! :tighthug: :iconcute-plz:

With love,


  • Mood: Emotional
  • Watching: Death Note (almost done ;A; )
  • Playing: Pokemon A.Sapphire / LOZ: A Link Between Worlds
  • Drinking: Mizu / FREAKIN' WATER!!! (lol)


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Seeking Japan through the brush.
United States
MY REAL NAME (since this can't handle both): Ashley / アシュリー:iconnihonkissuplz:

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:bulletgreen:Dark/Loving-Vampire!Japan*Reader: Prisoner -- Ch.5
:bulletred:ChinaXReader: Sweet Like Tea -- Part 2 (lemon) < -- >
:bulletred:Fem!USA*Japan [Bets Gone Bad] -- < -- >
:bulletpink:Japan*Reader: Unloved [Part 2] -- <3/4 way done>
:bulletpink:Japancest fic "Hidden" -- <needs edited; wrote it a LONG time ago>
:bulletred: Darker story - Ameripan; true love b/w country's though. :)
:bulletpink: [Dark/2p!Japan] *Naga!Reader: A Zoologist's Regret
:bulletpurple: 2p!Japan*2p!America: Detrimental to One's Pride {Part 1}
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~ Prussia*Reader: Mistakes --Innocent2Temptations
~ Submission (PruGer) --PrinceofElsinore (Also found on
~ Wartime Letters (UsUk) --Fionlasan
~ 2p!Hetalia*Submissive!Reader: White Stone --RedBaronessThe3
~ (Anything!!^^) --Naked-toes
~ Dark!Russia*Trafficked!Reader: Indebted --Unlikely-villainess
~ 2ptalia: 7 deadly sins (HetaliaCharacter's) --kittykat2892
~ France*Reader: Being Loved... --TheExplosiveSushi
~ Prussia*Reader: New Boss --Tygermane
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