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August 19, 2012
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"-and that's all for class today. You're all dismissed. Have a wonderful weekend!"

With that, your first week of teaching as an assistant language teacher over in China had come to an end. You couldn't help but breath a sigh of relief. It was a challenge to work with middle-schooler's, but just because the going got tough didn't mean you gave up, packed, and returned home. No, you had been waiting your whole entire life for this moment – to go teach abroad. It had been your dream since you were a little kid – dreaming of the world in all of its splendor, seeking to go have an adventure of your own. Even though your whole entire family was excited for you, providing their love and support every step of the way, you couldn't help but feel a little homesick as you began your career.

You thought about that just as you finished up the little to-do's in the classroom before finally exiting the room and walking down the school hallway, preparing to go home. Your arms were full and your briefcase hung loosely around your shoulders down by your side – swaying a little as you walked. Just as you were rounding a corner, you felt yourself slam to the floor – everything you had been holding scattered all over, many out of arms reach. Though in minor pain from such a fall, you were relieved that most of the students had already left the building so they didn't have to witness such an embarrassing moment.

"Ah! I'm so sorry aru! I was in such a rush I didn't pay very close attention to my surroundings. Are you alright aru...?"

With a grunt, you started to sit up, and then saw the man who had ran into you. He had long, almost-silky brown hair, tied into a side-ponytail, porcelain-like skin, a flawless face that shone kindness and wisdom beyond his years, and a bright, reassuring, friendly smile that melted your heart. You stared, a little wide-eyed, before reality finally hit you and you quickly nodded your head. "Mmm-hm."

You slowly regained your feet. The Chinese man had automatically stooped to help gather up your belongings after confirming you were alright. "By the way, I am Wang Yao. What's your name?"

"__________(first name) __________(last name)."

Yao Wang nodded, now holding all the documents and books you were once carrying in his arms. "Your name is very beautiful, Ms. __________." He carefully handed you all your possession's, a small blush hinted at his cheeks. "I heard that you were the new assistant language teacher to our English professor. I work here at this school too, so... maybe we'll run into each other sometime again soon aru!"

You couldn't help the blush that crept across your face at that moment – just the way he said it, and looked at you with those eyes, that seemingly-understanding smile...

Suddenly, you heard someone from down the hallway behind you calling for a "Mr. Wang." Yao's head snapped to attention, and he yelled back, "Yes, I'll be right there aru!" He turned his amber-brown eyes back to you for a moment. "I hope you have a great weekend, Ms. __________. See you Monday aru!"

Blushing yet again, you curtly nodded your head, bowing your head briefly. "Th-thank you, Mr. Wang, sir. You as well." He flashed you a quick smile, then turned around and before long was out of sight.

You had no idea why, but your heart felt like it was beating a million miles per hour. Inhaling slowly to steady yourself, you shook your head. No...this is silly. We have only just met, and I have a job to do. I don't have time to ponder ridiculous emotions such as these right now.

But then...there was still a small fragment of yourself that had a feeling he was going to be on your thoughts for a good portion of the evening that night if not more. Little did you realize the first impression you had made on that Chinese man through just a simple meeting as this...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Next Monday; A few minutes before the Final Bell rang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Ms. __________ - would you please help the students practice this English sentence?"

You nodded your head, and took your place at the front of the classroom to finish up the day's lesson before everyone went home for the weekend. By the time you were finished, the bell was a matter of seconds from ringing, and once it did you gave a sigh of relief. But as you were packing your lesson books into your brief case, the Language Teacher you were hired to assist during the school year approached you from his desk once all the students had left the room.

"Ms. __________...I understand it must be difficult for you to adapt to such a new living environment so far from everything you are familiar with, but I must ask that you take your job a bit more seriously. I don't know how they do things in your home country, but here, I must ask that you keep your professional demeanor and not crack jokes half of the time." You opened your mouth to politely protest or at least explain yourself, but he raised his hand in a halting motion. "I don't want to hear any excuses, Ms. __________, I want results. For as long as you are assisting under MY teaching direction, it will be done according per my request. Am I understood?"

You stood there - incredulous, also highly embarrassed, but then nodded your head. "I am sincerely sorry, (sir/teacher, in Chinese). I was merely trying to help deflate the tension of such a hard lesson for the students. I promise I will try harder next time to teach closer to your methods."

Seemingly satisfied with your response, he nodded his head in acknowledgment. "Very good then. I will see you Monday, Ms. __________. Please enjoy your weekend, and don't forget to finish grading those worksheets."

After he had left the room, you exhaled – it had been your first real day of teaching the students mainly by yourself, and already you felt like you were overwhelmed with everything. You let out a sigh and shook your head, trying not to cry from the pressure building up inside your chest. I'll be fine. He just has a different teaching method than anything I've ever been exposed to...but I'm sure I can adapt. I always find a way t-

"Ms. __________!"

Your thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice, and when you turned your head to look, your eyes widened in almost disbelief. It was the kind, attractive man you had accidentally ran into just last week!

"Yao- I-I mean, Mr. Wang? What're you doing here?" You walked the short distance to meet him halfway. His smile was radiant.

" be honest, I was wondering...if you were free at all this weekend? Namely, Saturday aru? You see, I know you're not familiar with the area yet, and I've been wanting to go for a nice walk, would you like to go with me? A-And I'm meaning just as friends aru!" His cheeks were suddenly very flushed as he said that last comment.

You blinked. Was he really asking YOU of all people to go hang out? You really had only just met him! But something...seemed different about this guy. His actions seemed genuine, without ulterior motives, and nothing but gentle and kind. And you really had not made too many friends what with just having recently settled in, and this was a perfect opportunity to start making connections, so with a brief smile and not to mention a light blush upon your cheeks, you agreed. "I would love to join you, Mr. Wang. Thank you for inviting me! Where should we meet...?"

Somehow, as soon as he realized you said yes, he seemed to relax quite a bit and even exchanged mobile numbers with you in case you got lost trying to find the coffee shop located just a short distance away from the school. His smile never left his face as the two of you spoke briefly about meeting up, and just before he left he looked back at you. "By the way...feel free to call me by my first name, Yao, while outside of work."

You could only smile and nod your head in confirmation, also granting him permission to do the same with you. After he had left, you found that all the stress that had made you want to cry just minutes earlier had dissipated – replaced now with an eager, anxious feeling of expectation for tomorrow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saturday was finally here, and you met Yao at a comfortable public spot just outside the coffee shop he had told you about the day previously. He greeted you with that charming smile of his, and after you both headed out you immediately felt turned around but Yao reassured you, pointing out landmarks and signs that made it simpler to tell which direction you were going and how to get back to a rendezvous point in case you ever did get lost. Not only was Yao extremely knowledgeable about everything in town, but he also was SO easy to talk to! He listened to everything you said, talking back about subjects you chose then one's he brought up, and kept the conversation alive and casual, yet at the exact same time he was a gentleman that erred on the side of caution when it came to day to day activities – helping you cross streets whether you really needed the help or not, and even at times seemed to act like a Mr. Know-it-all. However, all of his actions were genuinely sweet, a gentleness to him that you have seen in few guys, and he was very considerate.

By the time you two finished walking, it was already time for dinner, to which Yao then promptly asked you if you would like to join him for a nice meal before heading home. You immediately accepted his offer, and after a lovely Chinese food dinner at a renowned restaurant, you eventually found yourself standing outside of the front of your apartment door.

Yao's amber-brown eyes glittered brightly like stars in the evening sky. You beamed happily at him, speaking part of your thoughts out loud. "I had a great time tonight, Yao. I sincerely hope you'll invite me out again sometime~"

Immediately you heard a soft laugh emit from the man's throat. "There is no doubt in my mind that I'd like to do something like this with you again, aru. You're very sophisticated for a foreigner, I'll have you know. It's not very often I come across people like you aru."

Your cheeks flushed at the compliment...a little confused at the significance of being more "sophisticated" than others before you, but you didn't care about that now. Yao wanted to hang out with you again!

You clapped your hands together once in excitement. "Oh Yao! That would be wonderful! We should hang out again soon, because there's still so much I'd like to see here in China! I-I mean, as long as you don't mind helping me explore..." Even in your hesitation, Yao couldn't keep his smile from broadening a little further.

"You're cute, aru~ I wouldn't mind at all. But I have to go for right now, as I still have a busy weekend ahead of me with school work piled up. Take care of yourself, and I'll see you Monday at work aru?"

Blushing a bit, you briefly nodded your head to show you understood. "I actually have quite a bit of paperwork still to work on too...but yes! Umm...until next time then, I guess...?"

Yao smiled brightly, and turning his head to look back at you when he began walking away, he said, "Indeed – until next time, aru."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From that day forward over the next few months, you and Yao became the best of friends. You looked to each other for advice on anything – from work to cooking, sometimes even how to deal with some family matters – but no matter what, you both seemed to purposefully avoid any and all topics that might delve into the matter of relationships. Yet during this time, you couldn't deny you had secretly developed more-than-friendship affections towards your close friend.

What was so wrong with liking your best friend? I mean, he's kind, friendly, confident (one could even stretch to say he was cocksure), dependable, helpful, intelligent, sometimes a handful (particularly when there is new Hello Kitty merchandise), but even when he got angry, he always contained this sort of calm, elegant poise, especially with his lifestyle. Somehow, you wished you could compare and be his equal, and stay beside him forever.

However, you knew better than to allow these emotions to bubble to the surface and interfere with the special friendship you had with him. He probably didn't even feel the same way, right? After all: you were just a foreigner temporarily living in China; he'd never go for someone like you who was so.....well, different, from everything he already knew.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh, so you've already got plans? ….No no, it's fine! Really! Huh? Nahh, we can always hang out another time. Have fun tonight~ Bye!"

Well, that didn't go as planned. It's not his fault either, though. He had planned a drinking night with some male buddies of his quite some time ago, so it was only natural that he wouldn't be free tonight. You mainly just wanted to hang out anyways, and it wasn't like you had zero other friends to call on – you just preferred his company if given the choice.

But that made you sound selfish, didn't it? You loved all of your friends dearly, they were all unique and fun in their own ways, but with Yao...Yao was just different, for the simple reason that you liked him. REALLY really liked him.

And he had no clue.

But it was probably best to keep it that way. You already had this conversation with yourself a thousand times over, so what's the use in repeating it again?

You decided to go ahead and make yourself a simple Kung-Pao Chicken Chinese dish for yourself. Even boiling some sticky rice for the side, and as you sat there in the blissful silence of your own apartment, you couldn't keep your thoughts from trailing to how everything has changed since you first arrived in China. From work, to friends, and finally Yao – how you both had met, hung out for the first time, and now good frie---

There was a vibration in your pocket. You glanced at the time before sliding your phone open to answer the phone. Just who in their right mind would be calling this late at night??

"Wei, nihao--"


You froze, stunned – it was Yao, but his voice sounded all slurred. He couldn't even pronounce your name right, and he never had a problem with doing so before.

"Yao? Is...that you?"

"Haha...of course itssss meh! I'm just so plum out of it, __________... We drank up the whooooole bar! It was incredible aruuu! Everyone was singuun' and dancin' and the whole time I wished you were there with me!"

Your heart skipped a beat, then you caught yourself. It was obvious Yao was just drunk out of his mind right now. You softly let out a sigh. "Yao, where are you? Do you need a ride home? Is that why you called me at this ungodly hour of the night?"

"S'wrong with that aru...? You said ssssso yourself the other day: you always stay up laaate aru~"

You could feel your temper slithering up your back. You may really, really like Yao – heck, you might just LOVE the guy, but he was being absolutely ridiculous right now! And irresponsible!

"What are you doing drinking out so late at night if you didn't even have a ride home? Take the train."

"But I -hic!- d-don' have any more money with me..."

Ah, so that was it. He never asked to borrow money, being pretty well off himself because of his family's business in steel. Something he himself never really got into, or so he told you. You facepalmed, knowing he must have spent it all on booze. Just what had gotten into him tonight?

"Okay, Yao. I'll be right there. Where are you?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You tapped your foot, nervous and impatient, as you waited to get off the train. It was nearing 1:00 am now...not a safe time for anyone to be out late at night, but thankfully, Yao was hanging around a very public and well-kept area, so you should be fine.

As soon as you stepped off the train and out of the subway station, you were met by a very drunken Yao – sitting on a bench, hiccuping and laughing at who knows what. Your brow furrowed as you approached him, steps becoming heavier as you neared him, trying not to lose your temper. When you got to within arms length of him, he looked up lazily at you with a wide grin, opening his arms up for a hug...peculiar.

"__________~!" He drawled out your name, cheeks flushed a rosy red (probably from all the alcohol running through his system, heating up his body temperature). When you just stood there, staring at him with a poker face, he pouted slightly. "Awww....what's gotten into you tonight aru...? You look so angry...don't be mad at your Yao, aruuu!"

You started, seeing his eyes become all teary, sniffling a bit, he really did look adorable even drunk as he was. Smiling gently, you sat down beside him and patted his right hand resting on his left knee, your frustration mostly dissipating. "Yao, my friend...lets get you home, okay?"

Just as you began helping lift him up by the forearm, you felt his other arm wrap roughly around your waist and yank you into his lap, causing you to squeak loudly in shock. He chuckled looking into your alarmed face, running a thumb acrossboth your cheekbones, his alcoholic breath wafting into your nostrils with each exhale he made – face just inches from your own. You took a sharp inhale of breath as his other hand settled on the small of your back, pressing you closer until you were forced to straddle his hips. Blushing madly at this position, you opened your mouth to speak, feeling more than a little overwhelmed. "Yao...? What are y--...!!!!!"

He was kissing you. YAO. WAS. KISSING. YOU.

W-What the hell--?! Was your only brief thought as his tongue forcibly pressed entrance into your mouth, not giving you a moments notice. Both hands were now all over your back, rubbing and caressing, drawing your body as close to his as possible. It took you a moment before you started struggling, which only made his arms constrict around you tightly – gradually squeezing the breath out of you. When you felt yourself losing air, the resistance within you drained away rapidly. Your brain became fuzzy before he finally released you from the powerful kiss – his tongue being the last to separate itself from you, having traveled all over the insides of your wet cavern.

As you gasped for oxygen, breathing heavily, he licked his lips with a grin. "You taste even better than I had imagined, aruuu...Sweet like tea~ What's your secret...?" His hands were resting firmly on your hips, but even though he gripped you tight enough to ensure you couldn't escape, it seemed almost...loving. And desperate somehow.

Your cheeks flushed a deeper shade of red (if that was even possible). "Y-Yao! What the hell is the matter with you!? Let me go!" You shifted your body around, trying to maneuver off of him to get some space between you two, but all that managed to do was get you pulled into a tight embrace by your friend.

"I....Wo ai ni..."

You froze in place. What did he just say? "...w-what...?"

His fingers began to lightly stroke the ends of your (length) hair. "I said I love you, __________... Why else do you thhhink I wanted you to come out here aru...? I have p-plenty of money...'else you wouldn't have come...I had to know aru..."

Your eyes were wide, mind lost in some kind of stupor. He clung to you then, heading inclining towards your neck – his warm breath tingling and heating your skin from the semi-chilly night air. Your body shuddered, wrapping your arms around him in turn, which finally made him relax his strength around you, but not removing you from a hug.

"Yao..." Your eyes teared up. "Yao...I think...I love you too. I've always liked you, but...I've been wondering if perhaps..." You bit your lip, afraid he was just saying this to 'get some' because he was drunk.

He pulled back a little from you to cup your face, gently tilting your head up to look at him. Your (eye color) eyes stared back nervously into his dreamy amber eyes. "Wonder if perhaps what, aru...?"

A tear rolled down your cheek, unable to put off your confession any longer. "Oh Yao...I've cared about you in a more-than-friend way since the first time we took that stroll around town together...I can't get you out of my head, and it only gets w-worse. Please...i-if you care about me that way at all...prove it to me when you're sober! How do I know you even mean what you say, letalone remember it, when you're drunk like this?!" You closed your eyes, tears flowing freely now, much to your embarrassment.

Yao licked the wet trails on your cheeks, then kissed the heated skin, before kissing you deeply once more. This time, you kissed back – there was no tongue involved, except an occasional slide of the tongue across the others bottom lip. When you both pulled away again, chests heaving, he brushed a strand of hair out of your face, rubbing it between his left thumb and forefinger affectionately. "I promise you...I won't forget aru. How could I forget kissing the most special girl in my life confessing she feels the ssssame way back, aru...?"

You smiled, laughing softly at how he spoke. Without much of a sound, he helped you off his lap, taking your hand in his, and (with a bit of support from you) made his way back to his home. By this time, it was 3:00 am, and he told you you should stay in his house for the night. You obliged, though keenly aware how wrong it would look to others outside of the current situation – but you were so exhausted you didn't want to think about that. He offered you his bed, somehow sober enough to have enough decency in that brain of his to give you privacy and slept on the couch. You smiled softly as you fell asleep in the silk blankets covering you – wondering if Yao would remember much of anything come waking up.

Guess you would just have to wait and see.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The sun was directly over the house before the two of you woke up. Gingerly you walked out into the living room, finding Yao groaning in discomfort and feeling his forehead. "Wh-what the f*ck much did I drink last night aru...? Nnnn....My head's killing me..."

A small cough in your throat brought attention to yourself, Yao's alarmed eyes traveling across the room until they landed on you in confusion. But in that split moment of confusion, his eyes widened considerably, and he immediately jumped to explain himself.

"__-__________! Forgive me aru! I didn't—I-I mean it was--- I was drunk! I-It didn't mean anything! Oh gosh...I'm such an idiot aru!" He cupped his forehead with a hand, trying to steady himself, not knowing the entire while your heart was breaking on the inside.

You smiled weakly, trying to hide your inner turmoil, and swallowing thickly, spoke. "A-ah's okay, Yao...I mean, I KNEW there was no way you could ever really love or c-c-care about somebody like me that way. I was just k-kidding too."

Yao stiffened, alert (or as alert as a hungover man can be XD), and watching you carefully. "...wait, what aru?"

You tried to find the right words, giving Yao a chance to rephrase his question. "__________...did...did I tell you that I loved you last night aru?"

You quickly wiped away the tears leaking out the corner of your eyes. "It's okay, Yao..." The lump in your throat only grew larger, so you casually shrugged your shoulders like nothing was a big deal, though your heart weighed so heavy you felt like you were about to break down any second.

Ignoring his massive migraine and with a wobbly stance, he jumped nimbly over the side of the couch (stumbling a little as he landed), and gently grasped ahold of your right arm with a hand. "__________, tell me honestly. Did I tell you that aru?"

You nodded, unable to look him straight in the eyes. He held his breath. "A-And...w-what happened next aru...? push me away, o-or...?"

Startled, you looked up at him in surprise – suddenly aware that he didn't remember much beyond the kiss. Tears ran down your cheeks, as you confessed one more time, "W-We kissed again...after I confessed th-that I care about you, t-too..."

Unable to hold back your tears any longer, you broke down bawling right there. Yao was stunned, but a smile so relieved and huge crossed his features that all he could manage to do was embrace you for the second time in the last 24 hours. He closed his eyes, taking in the scent of your hair – stroking your back carefully, as if you were so fragile he might accidentally break you if he rubbed your back too hard.

"I'm so happy, relieved..." He pecked a kiss to the top of your head, holding you in a warm hug. "Wo ai ni, __________."

Though he couldn't see it yet himself, you were smiling now too – wrapping your arms tightly around him, sobbing into his shirt. "I-I like you so much, Yao...b-but I don't know if it's love yet..."

His smile broadened, and gently disengages your hug to peck you lightly on the lips. "Then I will wait however long it takes for you to love me back aru. I don't care how long – I want to be with you and only you aru....a-as long as you want to be I mean, aru."

You smiled back, feeling certain that this time, there was no doubt. He truly, genuinely cared for you yourself. Standing up on your tippy toes slightly, you kissed him softly on the lips, and answered. "Yes. At least for now, I most certainly don't want to be with anyone except you, Yao Wang."

And as you stood there beside the man you had come to adore so much, you wondered silently to yourself if you ever would want to be with anyone aside from him. And in due time, you would have your answer.
This was a request for :iconkuragirl13: I hope you like it! :dance:

Sorry if that seemed cut short, but I have so many requests to catch up on and a busy schedule as you can tell. -_-;; I'd actually like to do a part 2 eventually (with a lemon involved). :iconchinaxdplz:

I kinda left the ending for the reader to decide whether they stayed with Yao or not, but initially? YOU STAY WITH YAO IN MY BOOK. Gosh, do I love those happy endings~

Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day! :iconhawtamerica2plz:

Story/Plot's in my stories are ALWAYS Me (unless stated otherwise)
Hetalia, China/Yao Wang Hidekaz Himaruya
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This was a great story wasn't very OOC. In fact, it you were very good when it came to China's (non-drunken state) personality. However, I pictured China more fuzzy and fluffy when he was drunk. I had a good time reading this, and you could use other substitutes for the underscores like (f/n) and (l/n). In conclusion, I believe you did a good job on this deviation, and even kinda changed my view on China from a "teacher-point". The thought of him being a teacher was very original.Thumbs up for your story! Keep writing, for you produce really good fanfiction.
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